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    I’m looking for a study plan for a rather large HB, with 3 staterooms & 2 heads, that is about 32×75 feet to retire to in Central America.
    The “house” portion should be about 24×60 feet, with “outdoor living space” on the roof.
    (I plan to power it with something like a 4BT Cummins industrial engine, driving a hydraulic transmission & a big/slow-turning prop.)

    I’m thinking that a barge-style, flat-bottom hull, built of 4 layers of 3/4 plywood on the bottom & 3 layers on the side & “armored with” epoxy/glass cloth should be adequate in strength.

    Fwiw, she will be named: FOREVER PRINCESS.

    yours, tex

  2. Dear Mr. Rearic,

    Actually, the MV FOREVER PRINCESS will be downright petite compared to the houseboat that was built by two young people in south Louisiana in the 1970s.
    Check out the book: ATCHAFALAYA HOUSEBOAT: MY LIFE IN THE LOUISIANA SWAMP by Professor Gwen Roland, published by LSU Press 15APR2006.
    Now THAT was a BIG houseboat = 35×118 foot.
    (Just their living room alone was 30×30 feet, with wood-burning fireplaces at each end.)

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