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Building a Houseboat Around the globe, folks are designing and building their own houseboats. Houseboats can be built from mant things, wood, aluminum or fiberglass. Canal boats in Europe are regularly built from steel. But whatever your choice is, there are plans for houseboats and examples to study and learn about. In this post, I’ve gathered together some of what … Continue reading

5 simple houseboats you can build in 2019

2019 is the year you can build that houseboat you’ve been dreaming about. I’ve picked just five basic small houseboats that come with plans and unless you have some previous marine building skills, you should get some plans. Some houseboat plans are more expensive than others, but all are worth it if you want to do it right. So here … Continue reading

  Canada’s latest entry into my “Coolest Little Houseboat Afloat” contest is Le Koroc. The folks at Daigno in Ottawa, Canada have designed and built an amazing pontoon houseboat. Le Koroc offers the ageless beauty and charm of finely crafted furniture with the best of modern technology. Couple this with their dedication to protecting the environment and you get one of … Continue reading

A cardboard houseboat? come on!

A cardboard houseboat? There is a chap in England who has taken the idea seriously. Harry Dwyer, an energetic Self-described “doer of fun stuff” got together with some very talented friends and actually did it. —- Built a small houseboat out of cardboard. And to make it better, he filmed the whole thing and put it on Youtube. It is … Continue reading


build a boat

  Do you want to build a boat? If the answer is yes then this blog is for you. And why not? People have been fascinated with boat building, especially building their own boats, since the dawn of time.   Probably one of the first fights Adam and Eve had was because he wanted to build a boat. It’s a primal … Continue reading

Houseboat Insurance

Build a houseboat

If you’re planning to build a houseboat one of the most important things to consider is houseboat insurance. The availability of houseboat insurance will, in most cases, determine what you can do with your new houseboat.   Boats occasionally sink. Even if you are only going to leave your houseboat in a slip at a marina you will need insurance on … Continue reading

Rent a Houseboat before you build one

The urge to build a houseboat can almost become an obsession. The thought of building your own little floating home has a kind of “primal appeal” to many. But as cool as it would be to build your own tiny floating home and just sail away, the reality of living on a houseboat might not be as exciting. So, before … Continue reading

Houseboat Plans

Houseboat plans If you think you’re ready to build your own houseboat, or if you just want to get some ideas on house-boat building or even boat building, try studying these free houseboat plans I’ve found on the web. Some of the houseboat plans can be downloaded, but some open very slowly. Also, I’ve included some sites that have great information … Continue reading

Houseboat Building in Australia

houseboat insurance

Shantyboat Building Aussie style In South Australia, ( the land down-under the land down-under) lies the beautiful little city of Mannum. Mannum is home to the first paddle-steamer on the Murray River, the PS Marion. Originally built in 1897, this beautiful example of riverboat building has been completely restored and currently offers cruises from the Mannum dock. While this riverboat … Continue reading

Boat Design

Best Boat Designs The best boat design is the one that keeps you safe, dry and gets you where you’re going. There are probably so many different boat designs that you couldn’t count them all. And that’s because there is no “one” best boat plan. Boats are really designed locally. That means that every boat design is based on what … Continue reading

Bug out Houseboat?

  There is a lot of talk lately about a “SHTF” event. (This means “stuff hits the fan” or something similar). The reason is that there are so many things which could quickly take place in our society that would almost immediately bring about a SHTF event. Some folks are planning to escape from the chaos by moving off-shore in … Continue reading

The Ohio & Erie Canal System

Ohio & Erie Canal

The Ohio & Erie Canal Canal boats were the original American houseboat. Families were born, lived their lives and often died on the small houseboats and canal boats of America. They moved America west and not just in New York. In the midst of Ohio, hidden among the towns and the farms are the remnants of the original heart of … Continue reading

Erie Canal Boats are still plugging along

Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal? That’s nothing for this modern Erie Canal boat. I chased this one from Middleport to Medina. When I caught up with this beautiful Canalboat to take a picture it was doing close to ten knots. Cruising along the Erie canal Just west of Medina, NY, these folks looked like they were having the time … Continue reading

Building Dianne’s Rose

Houseboat building (or any other project) would be a lot less stressful if only the wives were onboard with the project. They don’t usually like the noise and the mess and the sawdust and the lack of attention and ….oh well, you get the idea. But now, one smart Canadian has found the solution! Roy Schreyer has designed and built … Continue reading

Floating Houses


Floating house These great little floating houses/houseboats are not in any particular order because I just couldn’t say one was better than another . . . They are all unique. A tiny floating house—and much more! If you want to build one of these floating homes, Check these out. Yes . . . you can build a floating tiny house! … Continue reading

The Great Loop

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The Great Loop There is a group of people who like to travel by boat around the eastern United States in what is called “the Great Loop.” They travel down the Mississippi and the Tom Bigbee Waterway from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. At that point, they enter the Gulf of Mexico. They carefully navigate … Continue reading

Building “The Darwin” Houseboat

build a houseboat

Building a Great looking Houseboat   If you’d like to build a houseboat but aren’t sure if you would really like it when it’s finished, now you have chance to check one out for yourself. All you’ve got to do is jump on a plane and fly to Saugatuck, Michigan and try it out for yourself. You can book a … Continue reading

Houseboat Marine Toilet

It seems the smaller your boat is, the more you have to use your “head.” No, not the one on your shoulders. I mean the marine toilet or the houseboat “head.” And when installing a marine toilet or a houseboat toilet there are several types to choose from. The right system can make all the difference when it comes to … Continue reading

Building The Millie Hill

build a houseboat

Is this the perfect small houseboat or what! The Millie Hill design by Sam Devlin is a complete package. It’s a tiny house that floats. It has a galley, a bathroom complete with a shower, and sleeping room for four. To build a small houseboat like this is within the reach of just about anyone who can build. Don’t get … Continue reading

Living on a Houseboat

Living on a Houseboat If you enjoy living near the water, but can’t afford beachfront property, there’s a good chance that living on a houseboat has crossed your mind. Living on a houseboat can be exciting, but before you decide to invest in one, there are a few things to keep in mind. Living on a houseboat allows you to … Continue reading

Building a Triloboat

build a

Slacktide. How would you describe it? It’s a big square box that floats and outfitted with the right rig, it sails just fine. I think Phil Bolger would have loved this boat. But you have to see it to believe it. The headroom might be a tad to low, but if it comes up a little short in the comfort department, … Continue reading

Narrowboats, floating houses


The Narrowboat, a tiny floating house In Britain, over the centuries, canals were built to join rivers and lakes and make it possible to cheaply move goods from one place to another. Although some canals were larger, the standard width evolved to just about 7ft. So, in order to travel these narrow waterways, “Narrowboats” evolved to fit the canals. These … Continue reading

Building The Recurring Dream

Some of us only dream, but when Than Monk, an artist and builder, had a dream he got busy. He started building a houseboat and what a houseboat it turned out to be. Named “the Recurring Dream” he launched the 24′ long and 8′ wide houseboat in August of 2013. And it’s been turning heads ever since. Its a perfect … Continue reading

Electric Boat

Electric Boat History 1838 Professor Moritz Jacobi developed a 24’ electric boat for the Czar of Russia and carried 14 passengers down the Neva river at a speed of 3 mph. Born in Potsdam, Prussia, the German physicist and University lecturer was instrumental in the development of electroplating and electrotyping. 1882 First electric boat record set in 1886 the “Volta” … Continue reading

Solar Powered boats are Here

Recently I came upon some great new videos. The first one is a boat in England. Its called the Bauhaus Barge and it’s a “solar-powered houseboat. It doesn’t run like the wind, but it is powered by the sun! This barge is the very latest when it comes to solar powered boats. It doesn’t even have gas or other energy … Continue reading

I’m Dreaming of a Houseboat

Recently, I caught the bug to live on a houseboat. Actually, I’ve been having houseboat dreams since I was 18. When I was going to junior college, back in the 60’s, I used to drive right past the place that manufactured the “Surfside–6” houseboats. I would often stop (like every day) and observe through the fence. I couldn’t believe they … Continue reading