Building a Triloboat

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How would you describe it? It’s a big square box that floats and outfitted with the right rig, it sails just fine. I think Phil Bolger would have loved this boat. But you have to see it to believe it. The headroom might be a tad to low, but if it comes up a little short in the comfort department, it makes up for it in the simplicity of construction.

another Triloboat "the Luna"

another Triloboat “the Luna”

But, don’t be fooled, this isn’t just your average fairweather houseboat, this boat has taken on some daunting Alaskan waters. The designer and builder, Dave Zeiger has put an amazing amount of foresight and thought into the design of this boat. Along with his partner Anke, they have designed and built several different Triloboats.

If you are thinking about building a houseboat or even a great little sailboat, check out the Triloboat. It’s like a tiny house you can sail! Their website is full of information on the boat and how to sail her, along with some great accounts of some of their trips. He has put some nice videos on YouTube also. Now I see they are planning a “new boat.” The details are on a new website they have set up just for this build. They are planning to build what Dave calls his last boat. (I hope not) It is estimated to cost about $30,000 when it’s done, but it will incorporate all the lessons he’s learned building his earlier boats and promises to be the best Triloboat yet. Check out their new building plans Return Home