Solar Powered boats are Here

Recently I came upon some great new videos. The first one is a boat in England. Its called the Bauhaus Barge and it’s a “solar-powered houseboat. It doesn’t run like the wind, but it is powered by the sun! This barge is the very latest when it comes to solar powered boats. It doesn’t even have gas or other energy onboard. Even the cooking is done with electricity generated by solar power. The monstrous battery (1.2 tons) stores up all the solar power (converted to electricity) and provides energy for cooking, water, and cruising.

(to see a great site and learn the history of solar-powered boats Click Here)

With about 20 metric tons and a solid steel hull, you won’t be dragging this to the lake on Saturday afternoon, but for a safe and economical way to enjoy life on the canals of England or Europe, a solar-powered houseboat might be the next big thing. At only about 120,000 pounds sterling (I don’t know how much in dollars) this would be a nice addition to your toy collection.

Solar Powered Boat

Back here in the US, a new boat has recently been making waves in the Intra-coastal waterway. Called the “RA” It’s the handiwork of a lifelong sailor, Capt. Jim Greer who sails from Colorado Springs, CO. It’s not designed as a solar-powered houseboat, but you can live and cruise on it.

He started out in Florida, a little north of Tampa at New Port Richie Jan. 14, 2013 and planned to sail the Great Loop of America. He added some younger crew members along the way and is hoping to turn the adventure into a broadcast event.

Worlds largest Solar Powered Boat

MS Turanor Planet Solar” the worlds largest solar-powered boat, while not a solar-powered houseboat, is definitely big enough to qualify as one. At almost 100 feet long and 50 feet wide this marvel of modern technology is proving that the world is changing and changing fast. With over 500 sq. meters of solar cells, (around 800 cells) the sun charges the ships giant lithium-ion batteries to provide the ship with enough power to keep going three days even if the sun doesn’t shine.

Launched in September of 2010 the ship set out on a cruise totally on solar power.Hoping to achieve top speeds of 15 knots. In 2012 Planet Solar went around the world becoming the first ocean vessel to circle the globe on solar power alone. check out this short video,

The first electric boat

was actually built in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1839! Inventor Moritz Von Jacobi built a 24′ boat that reportedly carried 14 passengers at 3mph. But the problem has always been batteries. Storing enough power to travel any useful distance has always been a problem. While much progress has been made in batteries, the addition of solar cells and the tremendous increases in output from the cells has now made totally solar vessels possible.

In Australia, on the Mundoo river, you can rent a solar-powered boat to cruise the river for weeks a time. You can build one for yourself if you want. Visit to check them out.

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