Building The Recurring Dream

recurring dreamSome of us only dream, but when Than Monk, an artist and builder, had a dream he got busy. He started building a houseboat and what a houseboat it turned out to be.

Named “the Recurring Dream” he launched the 24′ long and 8′ wide houseboat in August of 2013. And it’s been turning heads ever since. Its a perfect mixture of artistic creativity and epoxy. Being a master carpenter also helped. By bringing these talents together he sculpted a beautiful floating tiny houseboat out of plywood, epoxy and a lot of sweat equity.

Launched in Portland, OR, he docks it in Cathedral Park. He lives on the houseboat with his family. And yes, it does move.! Powered by a small outboard engine, He can cruise his tiny houseboat all around the Portland area. His Facebook page has much more information. He even has a site to help defray the building costs. If you like supporting the Arts, the next time you feel inclined to send some dough to the local PBS station ( for a DVD of 50’s doo-wop hits or whatever ) give a thought to supporting this young creative artist /sculptor with a donation.

He also has a facebook page to follow his boating adventure

The Recurring Dream Houseboat has been featured in “Shantyboat” as well as numerous local newspapers and tv stations. Return Home