Building The Millie Hill

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Is this the perfect small houseboat or what!

Millie Hill

The Millie Hill
version 2

The Millie Hill design by Sam Devlin is a complete package. It’s a tiny house that floats. It has a galley, a bathroom complete with a shower, and sleeping room for four. To build a small houseboat like this is within the reach of just about anyone who can build.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a simple boat, it’s just not a complicated boat. Some more good news is that the designer, Sam Devlin, totally redesigned her in 2008 so now this little houseboat has everything you need for a great vacation getaway or even a long-term stay. This is not the only design he has either. On his site, he has designs for sailboats, motorboats and everything between a 7’ dinghy and a 42’ trawler. If you visit his site you’ll see what I mean. But my favorite is The Millie Hill.

The regular Millie Hill is 20’ long and only 8’-2’ wide. So it will fit on a flat-bed trailer and you can pull it out bring it home for the winter. (If you live that far north) Or you can easily haul it on down to someplace warmer and enjoy it all year long. Or, if you want a small houseboat that’s a little bigger, Devlin has designed a 28′ by 10′ Millie Hill.


The designer recommends a 10 hp motor to get it to hull speed so gas shouldn’t be a big problem. A lot of guys have got these big 200 hp gas-sucking beauties sitting alongside the house, but then they can’t afford the gas for a day of running around. Its either gas for the boat or pay the mortgage.


This is not a problem with Millie Hill. A few gallons of gas would push you around all day. When you think about it, maybe you can’t afford not to have this small houseboat. You can tell your wife that you’ll “save so much money,” just in gas, that you can take her on a cruise. ( I didn’t say ocean cruise) Maybe a cruise around the lake or up the river. The more you look at these pictures the more you can picture yourself on the deck. Return Home