Bug out Houseboat?


There is a lot of talk lately about a “SHTF” event. (This means “stuff hits the fan” or something similar). The reason is that there are so many things which could quickly take place in our society that would almost immediately bring about a SHTF event. Some folks are planning to escape from the chaos by moving off-shore in a bug out boat. Imagine a small houseboat floating out beyond the Zombies. The thought of having the government penetrate your tin foil hat with secret microwaves actually scares some folks, but for most of us, the “real” threats are enough to worry about.

Some of the possible threats are:

One Second After


1. An EMP blast …. to explain it simply, a nuclear bomb is detonated a few hundred miles above the US. The result would yield no explosive damage, but the electromagnetic waves given off would fry just about everything that uses electricity. Cars, phones, radios, TV’s, planes, and all hospital equipment would be permanently destroyed. Considering how much we rely on modern communication, the implications would be catastrophic. Each one of us would be on our own. Not a happy thought. William Fortschen has brought this scenario to life in a fascinating work called “One Second After.” I read it and it scared the pants off me. The reality that this is so easily possible is terrifying and definitely pushes you to prepare.


download2. A worldwide pandemic…. some new horrible virus, or Ebola-like disease that would bring society to a standstill. Imagine how society would collapse in just a few days if we were all afraid of contracting something deadly from another person. The problem here is that there are countries and individuals out there right now trying to “invent” just such a disease and the means to distribute it. Of course, they would have the cure for themselves! (they hope)


3. An economic collapse … imagine if you went to the store and your precious “card” didn’t work anymore. NO food, NO gas, NO money in your pocket and hunger gnawing at your belly makes folks do some seriously crazy things. (as if they needed a reason) Our government is already preparing for total civil collapse. With our country almost 18 trillion dollars in debt ($18,000,000,000,000) and growing, many economists think its just a matter of time until the whole thing collapses. To put it this way…to pay it off would require each American to cough up almost $60,000 (yes, sixty thousand dollars!). I don’t know about you, but it would be easier for me to cough up my spleen. And the debt is still growing! Each year our beloved leaders borrow more money and if they can’t borrow it … they just print it out of paper and ink. I’m sure you can see that this isn’t going to last long. The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

Bug out Houseboat

Bug out on this

In the face of these threats and many others, thousands of otherwise normal people are preparing to meet these challenges with a great variety of plans and ideas. . .

One way to prepare is to be armed to defend yourself and your family. This is why you can’t even find some bullets anymore. Gun manufacturers are enjoying the best years ever. Gun sales are through the roof. Bullets are already becoming scarce and we nobody’s even started firing yet.


Another good idea is to have a food supply to last for an extended time. Depending on how many people and how long you feel you will need to eat the supply can be as simple as a garden or as intricate as bunker files with freeze-dried food packed to last 25 years. And don’t forget water!

While many folks are preparing “bug-out” locations, (places pre-stocked with supplies), others have actually decided that the open seas are the best spot to “bug-out” to. Some are planning to escape on small houseboats. If you are prepared to live on the water for an extended period of time it could be a good alternative. It could lessen the threat of contracting diseases. It would provide food (fish, clams, seaweed) and youĀ could also be shielded from “Zombies.” (Zombies are the folks without stuff who will want to kill you and take your stuff) However, Zombies with boats would still be a threat. (I think we used to call them pirates.)

I have found some interesting people and sites that can help you prepare for the possible SHTF occurrence.


The Survivalist Blog.net M.D. Creekmore offers a great guest post on bug out boats. The author takes a serious look at the viability of using a small sailboat for a bug out boat. Something around 20-25 feet according to the author would be just about right to lay offshore… far enough to be safe and still be able to maneuver the islands and the coastlines of America. I especially like the idea of keeping it small enough to be trailerable. (read the whole article)


The author, Robert Richardson, is an expert and authority on all things “survival.” He’s developed an awesome website with a buttload of information about “bugging out” and what you would need to survive. I especially like his article on bugging out on a boat. Check it out He’s written it all down in an easy to “carry with you” book.


Lance Long has written and lectured extensively on how to prepare your boat for the SHTF event. His Blog offers up numerous suggestions for adequately preparing yourself. The serious boater will gain much from his blog about navigation. His thought-provoking blog is filled with tons of useful advice. He’s also built his own “bug out boat.”