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This site is dedicated to bringing together, in one place, all the useful information and stories I can find about houseboats and building your own houseboat. I am always looking for new information about folks who have built or are building houseboats. Even stories of people who are living on houseboats add to the information pool and can help you decide if houseboat living or building is for you. If you have any building info you’d like me to add the site or maybe even your story about building or living on a houseboat please contact me.

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by T. Michael Rearic


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  1. Mr. Rearic, When I lived in NE Ohio, I often traveled through a small town named Canal Fulton. It was there that the boats once traveled the narrow tree-lined canals with an adjoining well-worn path for the horses that pulled the boats to their destinations. In fact, the city has restored one of the old canal boats, the St. Helena, and give free rides to all comers. (And in the summer, they have an ice cream shop that has the BEST ice cream on any canal anywhere.) Beautiful Canal Fulton (

    In His name,